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Hair Stylist Collabration

Hair Stylist Collabration

Calling All Creative Hairstylists. Where Style Meets Innovation, and Imagination Becomes Reality

Redefining Fashion Wig Trends

Raregen, a leading manufacturer of premium human hair wigs, invites talented and innovative hairstylists from around the world to collaborate with our brand. Together, we can design a wide range of stylish and trendy hairstyles, empowering women with the freedom to express their individuality.

 As a valued partner, you will have the opportunity to create captivating hairstyles based on monthly themed elements. We provide you with high-end human hair wigs free of charge, allowing you to unleash your creativity and design masterpieces that inspire.

Once your designs are finalized, we will handle the production and sales processes, ensuring that your creations reach a global audience. The specifics of our collaboration can be tailored to meet both our needs and your preferences.

Join us on this exciting journey to redefine the trends of fashion wigs. Let’s push the boundaries of creativity and transform the world of hairstyling. Together, we can empower women to embrace their beauty and express their unique style.

 To participate, kindly submit your portfolio and creative ideas to our team at marketing@raregenhair.com. We eagerly await your submissions and the opportunity to collaborate in shaping the future of fashion wigs.


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