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Empowerment to Make a Difference

Empowerment to Make a Difference



Calling all global fashionistas and wig enthusiasts! Join us at Raregen Hair, where we champion inclusivity, quality, and affordability in the beauty world 🌍. Become a part of the Raregen cooperation members and empower individuals with our premium, real human hair wigs 💇‍♀️. Let's revolutionize beauty standards together, making luxury accessible to all 💪. #EmpowerBeauty #RaregenAmbassador

We are looking for partners to collaborate with us in promoting our wig brand. Our collaboration is divided into three main parts:

Influencer Collaboration

Raregen Hair is growing thanks to our loyal customers, and we invite you to share your experiences and advice to support women starting their journey with hair fashion or hair loss. Together, we can empower women to make informed decisions about human hair wigs and hairpieces, enhancing their journey towards beauty, confidence, and style. Join us if you gotta have a strong social presence with at least one of these:

  • Over 5,000 followers on Instagram
  • More than 3,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • a blog buzzing with over 5,000 views per month.
  • a TikTok family of 5,000+

Three levels of influencer privileges

  • Basic Influencer

    Basic Influencer

    1. Each influencer participating in the program can choose three wigs for free in the first year as review products.

    2. You will receive a personalized discount code of 15% and a 10% commission.

    3.Upgrade Conditions: Achieve more than three order conversions or provide valuable suggestions to help us better serve customers and design products.

  • Premium Influencer

    Premium Influencer

    1.Share a short video on @rareganhairofficial for a chance to be featured on Raregen’s website homepage in the Social Stories section. If selected, your affiliate link will be embedded, and once visitors click through to the product page, all converted orders will be credited to you, earning you a commission.

    2.You will receive a 15% discount code and a 12% commission.

    3.Three free wigs for review each month and you will have the opportunity to host a giveaway sponsored by us once a month.

  • Elite Influencer

    Elite Influencer

    1. Share a short video on @rareganhairofficial for a chance to be featured on Raregen’s website homepage in the Social Stories section. Same privileges of a PREMIUM INFLUENCER.

    2.You enjoy an 18% discount code and a 15% sales commission, along with the privilege of early access to new products and the ability to choose five wigs each month.

    3.Influencers have the right to exclusive custom-made wigs. Every month, they can customize one wig according to their preferences and enjoy exclusive selling rights.

Social stories@raregenhairofficial

Change your hair style just like change your mind

Raregen Brand Ambassador

To become our brand ambassador, you should strongly align with and actively promote Raregen's brand philosophy, committed to empowering women to express their confidence and independence through stylish wigs.

  • Limited Slots: Only 1-2 slots per country, ensuring your unique status locally
  • Exclusive Discounts: Receive Raregen's highest discount privileges with a 20% discount code or higher, plus a 20% commission return.
  • Offline Support: Enjoy independent offline funding to plan and execute brand promotional activities.
  • Product Development: Participate directly in the research and development of Raregen products, ensuring they align with local cultural aesthetics.
  • Exclusive New Product Trials: Get priority access to Raregen’s new products and participate in new product launch events.
  • Community Building: Establish an exclusive community for brand ambassadors to share experiences, exchange insights, and grow together.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Collaboration:

We need wig enthusiasts to model our wigs, showcasing their best and most authentic looks.This type of collaboration does not involve promotional tasks; we pay based on the quantity and quality of the content.

  • The content creator must have extensive experience in wearing real human hair wigs, knowing how to wear them and correctly showcase their appearance.
  • Must have a good sense of camera presence and the ability to shoot high-quality images and clear videos.


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